My Bike Tour in Las Vegas Red Rock

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Las Vegas has many scenic spots, and if you want to visit them one by one, you can choose a special bike tour. You can either choose day tour or night tour, and they are both available. Every tour will cost you few hours. Though I have lived in Las Vegas for 2 years, I have never been to Red Rock Canyon. So, I took a day bike tour riding around Las Vegas out of the strip activities on last Sunday.

The tour is self-guided, bike rental, water, and a snack. There are different kinds of bikes available, for example, performance bikes, Trek comfort bikes, tandem bikes and road bike. Moreover, there are children’s bikes and accessories, you can either choose burley’s or tandem trailers. I chose a Trek comfort bike, and I also was given a map, a helmet. The bike rental shop is very considerate; tourists can rent from this shop and ride one-way to another location in Las Vegas out of the strip activities, which will only cost you a small drop-off fee.

We started our tour from the entrance of the canyon of Rock Rock 4 miles away from the entrance. I still impressed when I saw the park. The tour was grand and beautiful. We stopped frequently. Actually this is a good way to take an overview of Red Rock Canyon. Walking tours require a pair of comfortable of shoes and good physical strength, but E-bikes will make everything easy and convenient. At each stop, I would hop off my bike and take a closer look of the scenic spot. We finished our trip at lunchtime.

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